2023 will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal year for B2B multi-channel marketing. We’ve had an exceptional track record of success in this domain, utilising a unique blend of strategies that led to impressive outcomes and set the course for future marketing endeavours.

Our B2B Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Our Packages offer the best of both worlds. Analytics and Insight, coupled with the human touch of trained experts working on your account instead of a bot. Sensing an unmissable opportunity to captivate our B2B audience, we spread our reach across diverse channels – a mix of LinkedIn, Telemarketing & email marketing.

Impressive Outcomes of Our Multi-Channel Approach

Our results in 2023 were nothing short of remarkable. We noticed a considerable uptick in customer engagement, a testament to our diligent efforts to captivate our audience across all channels. With our consistent presence on their preferred platforms, we were not just in their line of sight but also on their minds, leading to more meaningful interactions. This, in turn, drove up our conversion rates.

About our campaigns

We like to openly share our previous results. Please see below examples of our previous mean average performance and/or other specific examples of previous performance:

LinkedIn 2023 Average by Industry

Construction commercial Track record – In 2023, we averaged 10.8 leads per month for construction and trade companies

Digital marketing Track record – In 2023, we averaged 5.6 leads per month for digital marketing companies

Maintenance Track record – In 2023, we averaged 8.3 leads per month for maintenance companies

Specialist Cleaning Track record – In 2023, we averaged 8 leads per month for cleaning companies

Overall 2023 Track record – In 2023, we averaged 4.5 leads per month

Telemarketing in 2023 Average by Industry

Software & Tech – We called for 1430.3 hours in 2023 for Tech companies, generating 441 leads. We averaged 3.2 hours per lead, 2-3 leads per 8 hour day.

Commercial insurance – We called for 888.6 hours in 2023 for Commercial Insurance companies, generating 197 leads. We averaged 4.7 hours per lead, approx 2 leads per 8 hour day.

Construction commercial – We called for 174.6 hours in 2023 for Construction and Trade companies, generating 67 leads. We averaged 2.6 hours per lead, approx 3-4 leads per 8 hour day.

Maintenance – We called for 538.3 hours in 2023 for Maintenance and Facilities Management companies, generating 185 leads. We averaged 2.9 hours per lead, approx 3 leads per 8 hour day.

Recycling – We called for 293.2 hours in 2023 for Recycling companies, generating 64 leads. We averaged 4.6 hours per lead, approx 2 leads per 8 hour day.

Home Improvement – We called for 1053 hours in 2023 for Solar, Window and Home Improvement companies, generating 484 leads. We averaged 2.2 hours per lead, approx 4 leads per 8 hour day.

B2C Telemarketing – We called for 1243 hours in 2023 for B2C companies, generating 686 leads. We averaged 1.8 hours per lead, approx 4-5 leads per 8 hour day.

B2B Telemarketing – We called for 6129 hours in 2023 for B2B companies, generating 2510 leads. We averaged 2.4 hours per lead, approx 3-4 leads per 8 hour day.

Here’s a link to our 2023 Average leads generated (Our average shown is the Start package). At the time of sending this:

  • Our LinkedIn Packages 4-5 leads per month, plus 5 follow ups & pipeline
  • Telemarketing – B2B 1-2 per day & B2C 2-3 per day
  • Web Chat Bolt- On Package 3.9 leads per 1000 visitors

Learning From Success: Future-Proofing Our Marketing Strategies

The achievements of 2023, whilst impressive, have acted as a springboard, propelling us forward into the future with renewed vigour. We are invigorated by the possibilities that lie ahead and are preparing to embrace them, fortified by the lessons learnt from our triumphs. A key part of this preparation involves bolstering our existing marketing strategies, infusing them with our bespoke technology to ensure they remain effective and relevant.

Let there be no doubt; our success in 2023 is just the beginning. As we move forward, we are determined to not only sustain this momentum but to accelerate it, setting new benchmarks and redefining what is possible in B2B multi-channel marketing. Success, after all, is not a destination but a journey, and we are excited to continue ours, guided by the lessons from our past and fuelled by our aspirations for the future.

How Our Success Can Help Your Business

Our B2B multi-channel marketing triumphs provide a wealth of insights that could be immensely beneficial to other enterprises. We’ve paved the way, illustrating that it’s achievable to engage a B2B audience effectively across a multitude of channels. This, in turn, boosts engagement and conversion rates whilst also delivering a bespoke experience.

By embracing similar strategies, businesses could potentially turbocharge their marketing results, distinguish themselves from the crowd, and foster robust relationships with their clientele. The success we’ve accomplished is not solely our own; it’s a shared victory, and its lessons are ripe for other businesses to learn from and apply. Our journey is a testament to the immense potential that lies in B2B multi-channel marketing, and we hope that it serves as a beacon, guiding other businesses towards their own success stories.