B2B telemarketing UK wide requires Multi-Channel Campaigns

Sales is all about time management. We talk about this a lot in this blog, but the key question you want to ask is; “How many meaningful conversations are my sales team having per hour/per day?” Here’s how our Integrated LinkedIn & B2B telemarketing UK wide packages help you.

Using digital marketing & funnels allows you to pre-qualify contacts, to make best use of your team’s time.

“Our Multi-Channel campaigns provide clients with a steady stream of targeted prospects who want to hear more” 

What does a typical sales cadence look like for a B2B campaign, seeing we want to reach businesses?

Our Integrated LinkedIn & B2B telemarketing UK wide packages outline a process where we’re able to reach out to high value B2B decision makers 

How do the integrated campaigns work?

We offer a number of Integrated LinkedIn & B2B telemarketing UK wide packages to help you win significant new business integrated lead generation campaigns

  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Email outreach
  • 24/7 Web Chat
  • Telemarketing qualifying of leads

What does a lead usually look like?

We guarantee our quality of leads. A lead is fully customisable by you, essentially we’re here to get the conversation up to a pre-agreed point. Only when prospects respond positively do we then pass this over to you. Examples include

  • A request for more information or a callback
  • Asking for a meeting/booked meeting
  • Requests for a quote or asking about pricing