Are you ready to scale your business?

Scaling your business can often sound like an exciting prospect. Rapid growth can often sound like the thing that a successful company does, right? For example, you’re great at what you do, so why not do it 100x bigger?

In truth, it’s not nearly as simple as that. It’s so important to properly align your sales & operation processes so that you can

  1. Get more sales in a consistently profitable manner
  2. You can continue to do an amazing job for the new customers you get, whilst keeping your existing customers happy

It can take many years of blood, sweat and tears to align all the parts of your businesses like this. Below, we have an example of a client of our’s who has worked hard to do exactly this. We work with Commercial Property Advisors on business rates lead generation campaign and we have seen them increase their capacity to now provide national coverage.

Lining up your sales & operations processes

How do you get to the next stage of growth and exponentially grow your business? How do you grow your sales team from 10-100 salespeople? Here’s a framework for you. There are 3 main stages of scaling your business:

  1. Get the metrics right: Build a team of 10 salespeople with a consistent model of sales roles, appointment setting, marketing and healthy profit margins
  2. Make sure you can handle it: Can your Operations team handle a massive influx of new business yet?
  3. Become a sales leader: Exponentially grow your team by creating more and more Sales Managers

I cover this in a bit more detail in our blog ‘How to Exponentially Grow Your Sales Team’. Essentially, you need to know that you’re able to consistently get more customers profitably, that the new customers you get are easy for you to service and that you can maintain that growth with consistent cash flow.

When you line up your sales & operations process, magic things can happen

That sounds like a lot of work! Well, it is. But when you put in the work to line this up, your company can grow very quickly in a short space of time. For example, the business rates specialist Commercial Property Advisors have grown from a Bristol-based company to a UK wide company thanks to focusing on 2 key things:

  1. Doing a great job for their clients
  2. Having a consistent method of finding new clients

Thanks to lining up their sales process, they have been able to achieve an insane 80% meeting-to-sale conversion rate! This consistent sales conversion rate has allowed them to grow exponentially quickly. Now with national coverage and offices in Bristol & Manchester, they are ready to make a big impact over the coming year.

How to get leads with an 80% conversion rate

We’ve had the pleasure of running the business rates lead generation campaign for them during this period of growth. Due to the complicated nature of the opportunities they target, it has not been easy to boil down the essence of what makes an ideal prospect. We have had to undergo a lot of trial and error to identify the ideal criteria on which to qualify leads to our Business Rates Lead Generation campaigns. To help you out, here are a few tips which have helped us develop this campaign to generate leads with an 80% conversion rate;

  • Qualifying data – How much do you know about your Prospect before you even pick up the phone?
  • Marketing – How much does your Prospect know about you before you pick up the phone?
  • Qualifying criteria – How easy is it to find out the information you need?
  • Sales intelligence – Does the Qualifying of leads feed into giving your salespeople the edge over your competitors?
  • Can’t refuse – Is what you’re offering so valuable & useful to the Prospect that it would be tough for them to say no?


“Over the past few months, Park Row has managed to book a good number of meetings, of a high quality, of which CPA has managed to sign over 80%. Well done to Owen and his crew for working with us, consistently refining and improving their process and showing great flexibility by fitting into our model and expectations. The standards have been fantastic so a big well-done there!” – Ben Sayer, Operations Director

Here’s to the next stage of growth

We’re super excited to continue to provide business rates lead generation to Commercial Property Advisors to help them get to their next stage of growth. If you’re looking for a business rates consultancy you can quickly get an estimate of potential savings using their Business Rates Savings Calculator.