Call centre analytics: What’s a good CPH Target?

Calls Per Hour (CPH) is a common KPI and target for sales teams. Yes, CPH is useful as a measure of activity. However, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In this blog, we talk about CPH’s role in call centre analytics and how you can use it as a measure of success.

Why measuring CPH is healthy

CPH is a good measure of activity and team member effort. When balanced with other metrics, increasing CPH can result in more sales and leads.

Why is this? Because done in a healthy way, more calls mean more prospects you speak to. CPH isn’t your 1st priority KPI to measure though. Call centre analytics should prioritise things like:

  • Number of Sales / Leads per day
  • Quality control pass rate of calls
  • Average call handling time
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Burn rate of data


call centre analytics


Why measuring CPH is unhealthy in call centre analytics

CPH helps make more sales, but it doesn’t make more sales alone. Why? Because dialling a number doesn’t mean you speak to more people. What’s more, it doesn’t mean that your team is having good quality conversations. For example a high CPH might also mean:

  • False dials – It’s pretty easy to fudge CPH figures by attempting dials and then hanging up
  • Poor quality data – it could be that data has been called too much and therefore everyone’s already been spoken to
  • Trouble getting past Gatekeepers – it could also be that a particular agent is struggling to get through to decision makers and have quality conversations


What you want it to tell you – CPH versus calls per sale or calls per lead

There should be a healthy (and also reasonable) target for the team. You want a good CPH to mean that you’re speaking to more prospects, so you should balance CPH with:

  • Average Call Handling Time – Length of each call
  • Calls per sale or Calls per lead – how many calls it usually takes to get results
  • Results per day – targeted sales/leads per day

If you balance CPH with these metrics, your team will speak to more prospects per hour. Call Centre Analytics is about balancing all of the moving parts.


View Our Live CPH

Thanks to our Portal, we provide real time insight into our performance. This is a powerful tool that ensures that we do a great job for our clients:

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  • Sales Process & Trends – Find out team performance, individual performance and results by day, week, month or year

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