Create a seamless customer experience

Your sales & marketing team is the first impression that customers get of your business. Because of this, it’s really important to have a great customer experience from the start.

Pay-Per-Lead generation companies like us deal with Lead Hand-Off on a daily basis and so we know how slick it can look from a customer’s point of view.

What do we mean by Lead Hand-Off?

Lead generation is usually the hand-off between Marketing & Sales Team. What do we mean by this? A good hand-off is where marketing’s job ends and the sales team’s job begins. A strong Lead Hand-Off is of vital importance for both Depts:

  1. Marketing – Passing leads over to Sales means they are capturing all of the interest generated by their campaigns
  2. Sales – A steady stream of leads make for a great conversion rate

Pay-Per-Lead generation companies

Problems with a bad lead hand-off

What do we mean by a bad lead hand-off? Poor Hand-Off basically boils down to poor information sharing, like:

  • A long time between receiving an enquiry and giving them a call
  • Confusion around where Marketing’s job ends & Sale’s job begins
  • Information not being properly shared between departments

As a customer, this looks disjointed or clunky. This could result in customers not receiving calls, having to repeat what they want to several people or receiving marketing messages even after they signed up.


What a good lead hand-off looks like

A good lead hand-off boils down to proper communication between teams. Pay-Per-Lead generation companies essentially guarantee to get the conversation with a prospect up to a certain point. In theory, this should be a pre-agreed handoff point which works well for both marketing and sales. Examples of this could be:

  • Marketing Qualified Lead – They’ve downloaded a brochure so sales and call them to have a chat
  • Sales Qualified Lead – Enquired via webchat or phone, a callback is arranged and sales drop them a line at the agreed time
  • BANT Qualified Appointment setting – You have a front-line telemarketing team who has an initial qualifying conversation and books in a meeting for your sales team to attend


We provide you leads of a guaranteed quality

Pay-Per-Lead generation companies like are the bridge between your sales and marketing team. We provide seamless hand-off at the point that you want your sales team to get involved:

Pay-Per-Lead 24/7 Web Chat Lead Generation

Pay-Per-Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation

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