The most relevant quote wins


It’s not just about price, it’s not just about value for money, it’s not just about being a ‘high-end’ brand. It’s about how well suited you are to their all of their needs collectively. How you fit in with the context of their situation. The most relevant quote wins.


Customers pick the company that’s best suited to them


What is it that usually makes a customer say yes to you over someone else? Is it the cheapest price? The features you provide? Your brand image?


The short answer is: it’s not one thing that will make them say yes to you over someone else. There are so many different things that could make them say yes, so how do you know how to position yourself? Remember, the most relevant quote wins


What’s the biggest mistake that salespeople make?


The biggest mistake that salespeople make is blabbing on, telling the customer everything about their company, most of which is completely irrelevant to the customer’s situation.


The result? The customer gets bored with your droning sales pitch, moves on to someone else and you lose the sale.


There’s a lot of mini-yes’ that a customer needs to go through before they can say the big ‘yes’ to a specific company. Who do they choose? The one that’s most relevant to their situation


The most relevant quote wins


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