Charging the price that you want

I’m a psychic. Don’t believe me? Here we go; you want more sales at a price that you want. Told you! So how do you get the price that you want? You have to ask for it, but you also need to earn the right to receive the price that you want.

You may recall times where the customer is all about to buy but keeps contending about the price or a condition that wasn’t met. It’s a tough position to be in isn’t it? On one hand, you want the sale, but on the other you want it at the price that you want

Bear in mind, it’s the customer that determines whether you succeed. If you think that your customer exist solely to purchase your stuff, you’re missing a big part of the picture. That being said, you can’t to afford to chase customers that are not the proper fit for you. If you approach somebody that doesn’t match your ideal customer profile, you’re only likely to receive a headache.

As consumers, we’ve never had more choice over which company we pick. Some people buy from the company where they get the least expensive price. You need to be okay with the fact that you’re going to have prospects try to drive you below your bottom line and it’s your job to make sure that they don’t. Don’t worry though, there are things that you can do to get the price that you want

How to get the price that you want

If you’ve got a £50,000 product then you must find the people eager to shell out that type of money for the value that you give

It’s all about creating a product that is truly valuable and then making the systems that show that value to customers. This is where your sales team come in to help charge the price that you want. Put simply, a lot of sales people don’t understand how to effectively close the sale and secure the offer

To charge the price that you want, your sales team should avoid sounding as if they are only interested in closing a sale. Instead focus in any insight you might have gathered dependent on discussions you have to your prospect. Your sales team should close the sale by adding value, helping the prospect answer all those “mini-yes” that help them see why you’re the best fit for them:

  • Help them see how relevant your product is to their specific needs and situation
  • Make it easy for them to talk to you through mirroring tone of voice, body language, ways of talking
  • Use questioning to help them figure out if you offer the right level of service needed, the right quantity, the right delivery timescale
  • Go out of your way to find out how other stakeholders in the business feel about it; “how did Operations feel about it? Does this fit with how they work? Is it best if I speak with them to answer their questions?”

Making the perception your service or product is one of a kind allows you to capture prospect’s attention and make them remember you.

“So, can we do this?”

If you’ve helped them answer all of their questions, then the actual closing bit of the sale should simply mean asking the question “can we do this?” If you’re still getting resistance get them to inform you exactly what’s the 1 thing holding them back from buying. By helping them see the value that you add to their company, you stand the best chance of charging the price that you want