So I just got back from my 3rd Glastonbury (and the only one where we weren’t totally mired in mud!) I wanted to share with you a great message I got from watching the Foo Fighters and one of their songs, Skin and Bones.


Onstage, headlining Glastonbury, they sing about how “they’re nothing special, there’s no magical difference between them and anyone else.” Here’s the whole concert if you have a spare 2.5 hours!



What really confused me was that a global success just said to a crowd of millions at home that there’s “nothing special about” him. How could you undermine headlining Glastonbury with such a passe comment?


What was great was that this gave me an insight into how he saw his global success. The main reasons for their global success is that they had the guts to:


  1. ASK for amazing success by consistently putting themselves out there; and
  2. Choosing to apply their time toward their unerring vision


I found this message of “I’m nothing special” incredibly inspiring to hear from a global success. It really goes to show that everyone, especially you, are all capable of achieving our dreams. Keep on moving! Check out our other blogs