Once a lead is generated, it’s really important to keep the momentum going. Specifically, you need to make sure that you get quotes out to prospects and pitch them. Here’s our lead generation tips for making sure that meetings get sat.

LinkedIn Sales Leads Edinburgh

Always offer video meetings & have a portfolio to screenshare

Face to Face meetings are good because seeing someone’s face builds trust. What’s more, having the opportunity to screenshare can build credibility. A video call helps you build trust with your Prospect so wherever possible, have one. That being said, some people tend to feel nervous on video calls, so don’t make a video call mandatory if the Prospect doesn’t want to. If they need to see your screen for some online demo, then give an option where they don’t have to turn on their webcam, they can just sit there and see your video.

LinkedIn Sales Leads Edinburgh

Let them decide the best time by giving options

Make sure that you give the prospect control over the buying process. A good way is to give 2 options for meetings instead of stating a time. Use this 2 option close to help guide them to a time:

  • Week: When’s good to chat this week or next week?
  • Day: Tuesday or Thursday?
  • Schedule: What does your schedule look like? Morning or afternoon?
  • Time: 2pm or 3pm?

Looking at your schedule can be daunting sometimes. By giving them a series of easy to answer A-B questions, you can help them whittle down good times to meet.

LinkedIn Sales Leads Edinburgh

Always send a calendar invite – with the meeting link

Get the meeting in their diary! A calendar invite can help remind them and feel more committed to the meeting than some general verbal agreement that “you’d call them around 2ish”

What’s more, make sure that the meeting link is in the calendar invite.

LinkedIn Sales Leads Edinburgh

Pre-Confirm the meeting

Always confirm the meeting via email, phone or text. It’s a simple thing but it can really help make sure the meeting goes off without a hitch.

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