Book of the Month Millionaire Success Habits book review


Thanks for your feedback on the book reviews! We’ve had great feedback that it would be more useful to create more of a discussion around 1 particular book. We’ve created a Book of the Month, where we pick our favourite book to talk about.



A lot of problems with these types of books is that they give you tips on how to get rich in a specific way. For example,  In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki mainly talks a lot about how to get rich through property investments.

What I like about Millionaire Success Habits is that he’s gone a stage further to distil the underlying themes so it’s more applicable. It all centres around;

What are you really, really good at?

We cover the points below and in our video. I hope you enjoy the Millionaire Success Habits book review!


Millionaire success habits book review

Key messages from the book:

What are you really good at?

What are you really, really good at?

He talks about how you can maximise income by adding huge value to the world. You can add huge value to the world by finding out what you’re really good at. It’s a little more holistic than that because he talks about adding value in the context of what makes you happy as well.

For the most part, if you’re really good at something you’re likely to enjoy doing it too because you get satisfaction from being useful. Dean helps you discover what you do really well so that you can focus on this.

Following on from this, Dean also talks about identifying what you’re not so good at so that you can get others to do these tasks for you. This way, you can focus on what makes you happy and where you add the most value!

Why are you doing what you do?

Dean then goes on to talk about the importance of knowing ‘Why’. He presents a really good method of finding your ‘Why’, which informs everything else that you do. Dean says that when you’re clear why you’re doing something, you connect with it on a much deeper level.

He says a great way of doing this is going 7levels deep. You ask ‘Why’ 7 times to really distill your core emotional drive for doing what you want to do. Check out this free exercise here to give it a go.


Continue to add value

Dean keeps going back to the idea of making sure that you add value to the world. It reminded me of a saying I heard once, which was;

“The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people” – Peter Diamandis, Founder of the X Prize Foundation

By structuring what you do in a specific way, you can focus on doing what you’re really really good at. This, in turn, adds the maximum value to the world.


Who would enjoy this book

This book would be great for anyone who’s looking to build their wealth by having a positive impact on the world.

Want to know more?

I hope you found the Millionaire Success Habits book review useful! You can check out the book, it’s widely available if you search for it online. We also have an affiliate link here which you can use to take you right to the Amazon page