2,451 Sales Per Day Book Review by Niko Mercuris


Many entrepreneurs make businesses where they can use existing systems again and again, making more money from their expertise. This book is an excellent example of how you can apply what you know to make more money from different businesses

Niko is a great example of a Sales Operations Director, creating a lot of sales through being valuable to the customer. Check out our 2451 sales per day book review below


2451 sales per day

Key messages from the book:

Below are some key messages from 2451 sales per day book review by Niko Mercuris


Sell through being of value to the customer

Use a simple sales system, which focuses on being valuable. A great examples is an enticing advert that causes people who want to click. This click takes them to a sales page which tells them a lot but not everything, which causes them to enquire, opt-in, email or phone. The outcome of this enquiry is that you then have a sales meeting  


Qualify the prospect through your sales funnel

At each stage you’ve been useful to the Prospect, giving them helpful information.  Each stage both screens people out and also screens the right people in. It’s all in the way you structure the sales funnel and attract the potential client.

Niko talks about attracting people who are perfect to work with you, because then they’ll accept a sale on your terms of the huge value you offer them. This way, you can get consistent profit and easy to service clients


First call closing

Reward Prospects from moving through your sales process. In 2,451 Sales Per Day, Niko talks about how his company specialises in the first call close by giving valuable rewards for signing up sooner, rather than later. He discusses ways that you can do the same in your company


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