Selling to Vito Book Review by Anthony Parinello


This 1990’s book is written by Anthony Parinello. Not heard of Anthony Parinello? He’s amazing at selling $500,000 software programs to enterprises. He’s so good that he wrote a book on how he did it!

Ignore the cheesy front cover of the book and believe me that it’s a great source of knowledge for high value sales. Vito is a name, but is short for Very Important Top Officer


Selling to Vito Book review

Key messages from the book:

Selling to Vito provides an excellent framework for a highly targeted and personalised sales approach. Don’t be afraid to be direct if your message is going to be of value to Vito. What is of value to Vito? Vito likes salespeople who are business people. Anthony talks about the key to selling to CEO’s is to be ‘of equal business stature’ to Vito

  • What’s their business focus this quarter?
  • How does your product reduce costs, help make them more money or reduce inter-departmental strain

Ideally, when selling to Vito your solution would represent one of 4 below ideas

  1. Influence network – Your solution is likely to help stakeholders interact in a much better way
  2. Customers – Your solution is likely to have an impact on the way the organisation interacts with customers
  3. Money – Your solution will have a significant impact on revenues or expenses
  4. Big impact – Your solution will have a positive impact across many departments


“What would it take to do business with your company?”

Selling to Vito talks about the importance of statistics when coming to Vito with your business case. Selling to Vito talks about coming with a great business case outlining:

  • Measurable, quantifiable examples of how your business will satisfy one of the 4 above criteria
  • Testimonials that are relevant to Vito’s industry
  • An implementation plan, outlining what happens after they sign

Preparation is key

Selling to Vito talks about how you should come prepared with a solid business case and a personalised approach. When selling to Vito, position yourself as ‘of equal business stature’ to show them why your product will transform their organisation

Who would love Selling to Vito:

I found Selling to Vito amazing for real life experience of how you can make high value sales consistently. If you’re looking to sell to large organisations, it’s definitely worth a read

Check out the book here

I hope you found the Selling to Vito Book Review useful! You can check out the book here