Andre Agassi Open book review


You gain amazing insight into the mindset of a world-class athlete! Andre Agassi openly shares his life and his resilience overcoming failure to become one of the best tennis players of all time

You’ll notice about how much he says that he doesn’t actually like tennis. In fact, he openly hates tennis. This is a true testament to what can happen by doing what you’re good at, not necessarily what you enjoy doing


Andre Agassi Open Book Review


Key messages from the book:

He talks about how when growing up, tennis courts were his prison. His father pushed him to work harder and longer playing more and more tennis. Even with such a high performing player like Agassi, he openly shares how we overcame self-doubt, pressure and failure to become one of the all time greats

Do the important things, not necessarily what you enjoy

What I took from it was he got his supreme success by focusing on what he was best at and getting better. He openly says how he doesn’t like tennis. He didn’t focus on doing what he liked, he did what he was great at


Who would love this book:

  • If you’re looking to gain insight into the mindset of a high performing athlete
  • If you’re looking to overcome procrastination to achieve your goals
  • If you want to know what it takes to be the world’s best

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