White Label Telemarketing & White Label Web Chat

We’re super excited to launch parkrow.agency, offering white label telemarketing & white label web chat!

Grow your client’s businesses in a data driven way. Our White Label Telemarketing and White Label Web Chat services will follow up from the interest you’ve generated, booking meetings and closing sales on your clients behalf.


Why do we offer white label telemarketing?

There’s usually 10-15 touch points within a sales process, so it is important that specialists work together to move customers efficiently along. Sales & Marketing is an incredibly collaborative effort. We regularly work with marketing and digital agencies. Over the last 3 years, we’ve been working with Marketing agencies to develop our offering.

What’s more, our portal allows you to see both big picture and minute detail. You’ll be able to analyse the trends that develop, whilst seeing results from each shift & each lead generated.


White Label Telemarketing & Telesales

Our talented team are here to secure sales. Inbound or outbound, we help to grow your business with telesales.

  • Experienced Team – We pick the right agent with a great track record

  • Secure Sales – Sign up customers over the phone

  • Inbound & Outbound – Available to secure inbound and outbound sales via phone

You can find out more here.


white label telemarketing


White Label Appointment Setting

Our white label telemarketing team make contact for you and only provide you with highly qualified leads:

  • Experienced Team – We pick the right agent with a great track record

  • Booked Meeting – Either meeting booked or agreed time to contact

  • Type of Meeting – Face-to-Face, Online Meeting or Phone

  • Qualified Leads – Asked key questions to give valuable insight

You can find out about our white label telemarketing here.


White Label Web Chat

Let us help close the loop on all the wonderful work your agency does. We’ll chat to your client’s visitors 24/7/365 and answer their questions.

With our White label 24 7 Web Chat, we’ll be there to capture leads and provide a guaranteed quality of leads.


Find out more about our white label telemarketing services

It’s all about creating a great sales process for your client’s customers. You can find out about our white label telemarketing here. We’re always happy to discuss how we can work together.