Who we like to work with

Park Row Marketing are on a mission to have a global positive impact by growing start-ups, SME’s and ethical companies. Our goal is to impact on billions of people’s lives by 2050

We do this by creating a launchpad for companies to scale their business by working as their sales & marketing department

We are working toward global change by working with:

  1. Start-ups
  2. Small to Medium enterprises (SME’s)
  3. Ethical companies

We love to promote companies so that we have a positive impact, including:

  • Start up companies
  • SME’s
  • Companies who are looking to create new jobs that are skilled or provide development for staff
  • Companies whose innovations are having a big impact to their industry
  • Business that look after a specific segment of society
  • Companies that commit to donate to charity or perform charitable acts
  • Businesses that promote a good cause as a by-product of their work e.g. promoting good health
  • Companies that go out of their way to look after their employees

Is your company looking to grow?

Park Row Marketing is here as your growth partner. We provide a range of services to meeting your company’s unique needs. If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Cost effective telemarketing

Social Media

Sales Coaching