Don’t waste your time prospecting, we’ll find the leads for you

Our LinkedIn Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Leads are all about filling your time with warm leads. We target your ideal prospect via LinkedIn and email. Only when they respond asking for more information do we pass over to you. All of this is on a completely Pay-Per-Lead basis. Filling your sales team’s time with warm leads will help them hit their sales targets.


What are LinkedIn Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Leads?


Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Lead Generation


“Our Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Leads provides clients with a steady stream of targeted prospects who have heard about their product and want to know more” – Owen Wood


What we offer Key Benefits 
  • We target Prospects, pre-qualified as your ideal customer
  • Personalised approach via LinkedIn and email
  • Paying only for the leads that want to discuss further
  • Targeting the right decision-maker with a high level of precision
  • Filling your sales team’s time with qualified prospects who want to speak further
  • Only pay for the results that we get you and this is all evidenced

Examples of our work

“Owen will ensure he fully understands the brief, formulates an excellent plan, and then executes it professionally. The net effect is that prospects are thoroughly qualified to the appropriate and agreed level before handing over for further interaction. Owen ingratiates himself into task in hand and provides very good value in the results” – Bharat Panchal, C4 Secure


This is a powerful way to build relationships with prospects in a value-first way. We worked with C4 Secure as part of the launch of their new product.

First, we contacted enterprise-level prospects to invite them to an event. We generated callbacks to discuss the product and organise demonstrations.


Example of a LinkedIn Marketing Qualified Lead

We target your ideal prospect using LinkedIn and email. Only when they’ve responded asking to speak further, would we pass over to your sales team. Examples of a Marketing Qualified Lead are:

  • Targeted prospects who are your ideal customer base
  • They have heard about your product
  • Following this, they want to discuss further


Where do we fit?

Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Lead Generation is excellent for Capturing interest/ Lead Generation. We do this by focusing on large scale opportunities or securing bookings for events.

Pay Per Lead Generation Campaigns

Our Marketing Qualified Lead Generation campaigns fit in the middle of the sales process. We focus on filling your sales team’s time with warm leads so they can focus on quoting & closing sales.


How this compares with our other services

B2B Qualified lead generation

We have 4 different products and packages to help grow your business all in a cost-effective way. Our results-focused lead generation packages range from finding new contacts to helping you close the sale;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Pay Per Lead LinkedIn
  • Paying Per Lead Web Chat
  • Sales Coaching

You can find out more about our services here

How much do LinkedIn Pay Per Lead Marketing Qualified Leads cost?

We can show you how our LinkedIn campaigns will work for you through a small-scale trial campaign. Get in touch with us to find out more about the trial