Marketing campaign analysis

Marketing campaign analysis is vital to planning a sales and marketing campaign that is a win-win for everyone. We convert more website leads by constantly learning and developing our campaigns to make the results even better for our clients. To make sure that we get you great results, it’s important that at the start we take the time to understand your business

convert more website leads

It’s important to measure to convert more website leads

To do the best that we can for you, we need to have a thorough understanding of why your customers love you. With each campaign, we do a thorough customer discovery and openly share with you

  • We look at your target customer
  • Your product or service
  • How it fits with your market
  • Your existing customers


GDPR risk assessments

For all of our campaigns, we conduct a GDPR risk assessment. This ensures that we consider the information that we’re collecting for you and where it’s going. This risk assessment:

  • Outlines who we’re speaking to
  • Goes through the goals of the campaign
  • Outlines the ways we’re speaking to them
  • Runs through the Information Commissioner’s Office recommended tests for assessing lawful basis for processing
  • Outlines who has access to Prospect data and we update the records of who has access on an ongoing basis

This way, we can ensure that your campaign will be compliant with GDPR regulations


Marketing strategy

We ask that you run marketing campaigns to build the relationship with your ideal Prospect for you so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of their mind.

Put simply, this means that we’re speaking to more interested Prospects more often, which means better Leads, which naturally results in more Sales. We work closely with you to help you determine the best form of marketing to engage with the Prospects


Park Row Marketing Chat + Telemarketing


Why do you ask for us to run a marketing campaign before you contact the Prospects?

Park Row Marketing is all about making the growth of your business a Win-Win for everyone. This means not spamming Prospects and it’s certainly not about cold calling.

Through you running a marketing campaign, we are able to focus on engaged Prospects when we follow up. This is excellent for everyone involved:

  • Prospects: Prospects are already interested and so the approach is well received
  • Us: As such, we are able to achieve much higher Lead Generation rates. An engaged audience typically gets between 2-5x as many responses as an unengaged audience
  • You: You can generate more sales as you have more Qualified Leads

We work out pricing based on the marketing done prior to our contact and as such we can reduce the price per lead. In short, marketing helps you to convert more website leads


The right systems

We start out with the right tools to do the job properly. As part of our campaign, we set you up with a whole sales & marketing system that makes it easy to be compliant:

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

Low Cost telemarketing

Our services

By working in our tried and tested way, we can help you convert more website leads on a results-focused basis

Check out the next step

Our next step is to create interest with your target customer. Check out how we do this