“Why now?” The most valuable question that you can ask

Lead qualification tips As well as finding out the value of a lead, an important part of a lead generation effort is finding out the context behind why someone is changing supplier. We talk a lot in our blogs about the importance of knowing the context behind someone reviewing.   Lead qualification tip #1: Increase your […]

Closing sales tips – Following up without being annoying

Closing sales tips – The stages of following up There seems to be a few stages and things to check to following up on B2B high value sales; Does it make sense? Do they like the proposal and what we’re suggesting? Are there any changes that need to be made? Budget? Is our contact they happy with […]

A simple, free way to automate your pipeline activity

Capture all opt-ins and opt-outs – automate GDPR compliance These days lot of businesses have their customer data over different platforms. For example, you might have automated marketing systems for prospects and separate invoicing systems for your customers. With all of these different systems, how do you make sure all of the information is up to date? […]