Telling stories when selling

Should I be telling stories when selling? “Telling stories when selling makes it as easy as possible for the Prospect to understand your message” – Owen Wood I loved Primary School. Free milk, naps whenever you liked, not to mention the stories! I loved how our teacher would tell us┬ástories about Witches, Goblins, and animals […]

Hiring sales people tips: Beware the charm!

The problem with hiring sales people Your business needs more new clients to grow, but as the business owner, you don’t have enough time for you to be the Salesperson anymore. You need to hire a sales person! How can you be certain that the sales person that you’re hiring is any good? Check out […]

What questions should I ask at an initial meeting?

Sales call tips One of your Prospects has agreed to take the time to have a full conversation with you about your product? Great news! Should I start pitching them right away? Hold your horses there. Assuming that you’re talking with a Prospect that would be a good fit for your business, the goal of […]