3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent source of B2B leads LinkedIn is a B2B salesperson’s dream. You can immediately identify a key decision maker, reach out to them and start a meaningful relationship. Notice that I said ‘meaningful’. When you add value to your prospect’s life, you create a real connection. A great way to alienate your Prospect […]

5x Your Sales: How to Guarantee That Your Sales Team Hit Target

Sales is hard enough, why make it harder? As they spent all their money on offices and staff, some companies save money by limiting the marketing budget. This is usually done with the assumption;   “If a sales person is good enough, then they should be able to get sales without marketing!”   That may […]

Selling to Vito Book Review

Selling to Vito Book Review by Anthony Parinello Intro This 1990’s book is written by Anthony Parinello. Not heard of Anthony Parinello? He’s amazing at selling $500,000 software programs to enterprises. He’s so good that he wrote a book on how he did it! Ignore the cheesy front cover of the book and believe me that it’s […]

Creating a commission only sales team

Can you use commission only sales to grow your business? Have you ever thought about having a commission only team? For many companies, a commission only sales would be an excellent solution to their growth. So if this is true, how come more companies don’t have a commission only sales team? As a Manager, it’s […]

Charging the price that you want

Charging the price that you want I’m a psychic. Don’t believe me? Here we go; you want more sales at a price that you want. Told you! So how do you get the price that you want? You have to ask for it, but you also need to earn the right to receive the price […]

Life’s a pitch book review

Life’s A Pitch by Roger Mavity and Stephen Bayley book review Intro As I’ve been in sales my whole working life, I’m sometimes a little sceptical of sales books in that they don’t tell the whole story e.g. I’m quite vocal about how I don’t like it when sales trainers talk about personality ‘types’ as it’s […]