3 ways that you make it harder for your sales team

Shorten your sales process Have you ever had a ‘red hot lead’ that for some reason never seems to close? There’s meeting after meeting, each meeting pushing the close date further and further away Do you find hitting your monthly sales targets an uphill struggle? You don’t need to be a superstar sales person, you […]

Using free trials to sell your product

Using free trials to sell your product Free trials are an excellent way to help your Prospective customer really get stuck into your product. Using free trials to sell your product helps you to ‘show’ what you can do instead of simply ‘telling’ them Below are a few tips which you’ll find helpful for using […]

Pricing For Profit Book Review

Pricing For Profit Book Review by Peter Hill Intro I read this book over my Christmas holiday last year and I immediately wanted to tell our clients to raise their prices. This book talks about selling at the price that you want through making sure that the product you offer is of huge value to […]

Marketing ROI: How you can measure profitability

How to measure marketing ROI for your business When it comes to your business, one expense that you will soon learn that you need to budget for is your marketing. If you don’t make an effort to get your business out there, then you are never going to succeed. The trouble with marketing is it […]

Invisible Selling Machine Book Review

Invisible Selling Machine Book Review by Ryan Deiss Intro I got recommended this book through a guy I follow on Facebook called Sam Ovens (check him out by the way, he’s insanely rich) Do you do email marketing? For many, the answer is yes. The main problem they experience is that they’re not sure about […]

5x Your Sales: How to Guarantee That Your Sales Team Hit Target

Sales is hard enough, why make it harder? As they spent all their money on offices and staff, some companies save money by limiting the marketing budget. This is usually done with the assumption;   “If a sales person is good enough, then they should be able to get sales without marketing!”   That may […]

How to ensure that the Customer picks you

How do you make sure that the Customer picks you? Hierarchy of customer decision making I thought I’d share our experience from high to low about what makes sure that the Customer picks you. This is a hierarchy of needs, with each level built on top of the other. The actual meeting that you attend with […]

Selling to Vito Book Review

Selling to Vito Book Review by Anthony Parinello Intro This 1990’s book is written by Anthony Parinello. Not heard of Anthony Parinello? He’s amazing at selling $500,000 software programs to enterprises. He’s so good that he wrote a book on how he did it! Ignore the cheesy front cover of the book and believe me that it’s […]

The most relevant quote wins

The most relevant quote wins   It’s not just about price, it’s not just about value for money, it’s not just about being a ‘high-end’ brand. It’s about how well suited you are to their all of their needs collectively. How you fit in with the context of their situation. The most relevant quote wins. […]

How to close more sales

Close more sales. It’s not the features and benefits, it’s the way you sell it   “Having a sales process that will consistently close more sales is the single biggest competitive advantage that you can have” – Owen Wood   As you know, selling isn’t just about meeting your client’s material needs and the features […]