REMOTE – a new way of seeing your sales team

Remote sales team tips My favourite book I read last month is called Remote: Office not required. The book talks about how more and more employees work from home these days. It’s an incredible book as it explains the challenges and unexpected benefits of building your own remote sales team . You’ll find it easy […]

A guaranteed way to ruin your chances of getting a meeting

A big problem that you already know about How often do you open your email inbox and find a message like this? “We have 18 year’s experience in a wide variety of sectors, offering our clients an excellent service in the many services that we offer, blah, blah, blah….” YAWN! I’m bored already! What’s more, […]

How long until they sign the contract?

How long does it take to close a B2B sale? Have you gotten more quotes out than ever this month? Amazing work! But the next question is, when can you expect for those sales to come in? Issuing a quote is usually only about 60-70% along the sales process, and sales are won or lost after the […]

How to get an 80% conversion rate from your leads

Are you ready to scale your business? Scaling your business can often sound like an exciting prospect. Rapid growth can often sound like the thing that a successful company does, right? For example, you’re great at what you do, so why not do it 100x bigger? In truth, it’s not nearly as simple as that. […]