Tips to generate qualified leads with content

We start and build relationships with your ideal Prospect for you so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of their mind. But how do we help ensure that they think of you instead of your competitors? By offering something useful, you are able to generate qualified leads with content

We provide a range of services to meeting your company’s unique needs. If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

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Generate qualified leads with content and kickstarting the sales cycle

The best offer is something which has a clear and obvious benefit to the customer, where they give you permission to contact them in exchange

  • Invitation to a useful event
  • A valuable prize or giveaway
  • Free trial of your product
  • Important, helpful information that they otherwise wouldn’t know

Information is usually the most cost-effective. This can also provide a great return on investment, provided that the information you give them is of huge value to them

You can’t write just anything. It actually needs to be valuable

The key to generate qualified leads with content is letting them peek behind the curtain. Especially these days when everyone writes content, you need to stand out by giving them something which none of your competitors have given them

Where do we fit?

Our multi-channel approach focuses on building long-term income for you by building you into their lives. Your end customer will love our permission-based approach and focus on adding value to them

Marketing campaigns

We ask that you run marketing campaigns to build the relationship with your ideal Prospect for you so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of their mind.

We are able to work on a Pay-Per-Lead basis because our permission-based approach helps us to get more results for you by generating more interest. Put simply, this means that we’re speaking to more interested Prospects more often, which means better Leads, which naturally results in more Sales. We work closely with you to help you determine the best form of marketing to engage with the Prospects

Making business growth a Win-Win for everyone

Park Row Marketing is all about making the growth of your business a Win-Win for everyone. This means not spamming Prospects and it’s certainly not about cold calling.

Through you running a marketing campaign, we are able to focus on engaged Prospects when we follow up. This is excellent for everyone involved:

  • Prospects: Prospects are already interested and so the approach is well received
  • Us: As such, we are able to achieve much higher Lead Generation rates. An engaged audience typically gets between 2-5x as many responses as an unengaged audience
  • You: You can generate more sales as you have more Qualified Leads

We work out pricing based on the marketing done prior to our contact and as such we can reduce the price per lead

What marketing do we need to do?

That depends on what’s worked for you before. We work closely with you to help you determine marketing strategy to engage with the Prospects.

Do I provide the data?

Ideally, yes. It’s best when you provide the data. Here’s what we’d need:

  • Prospect contact details (Name + Email)
  • Company details (Name + Address)
  • Source of data & Previous communication  A good idea of where the data has come from and what communication they’ve had already
  • Lawful basis Confirmation that we’re working on either Consent or Legitimate Interest

I don’t have that much data, can you provide the data?

We certainly can. We work with an excellent data broker who provides 100% GDPR compliant data. We can quote for the cost of data 

The next step

The next step is capturing the interest that we generate, which you can find out more here

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