Why Is Content So Useful For Tech Lead Generation?

You may have seen that we are continually learning the customer buying processes for each industry. As a Tech Lead generation Agency, we’ve picked up a few tips which we’d like to share with you.


Tip #1: Marketing Helps Prospects to Hand Raise

With many other types of campaign we perform, it’s pretty easy to identify the audience. E.G. we have tyre recycling clients, where the sales process is pretty straightforward. We contact depots, pitch them, be competitive on price and they book in for collection later that week.

With tech, it’s different. Why a company needs you is entirely circumstantial. It’s down to you to find a ‘high growth’ company or a company which ‘values XX’ or clearly is ‘going through YY phase’. This is why it’s so important to thoroughly research your prospects and why this is the best thing for them.

Having a strong content strategy helps to educate prospects and give a value-first way of them learning about your product. You can find out more on this topic here:

SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tips


Tip #2: Have Multiple Stages of Qualification With Content

The key to being an effective Sales Manager is to make the best use of your team’s time. As a Tech Lead generation agency, we focus on moving prospects through multiple stages, each time spending more time and attention on those. This way, we can make best use of our sales team’s time. Here’s some examples;

Tech Companies: SQL vs MQL


Tip #3: Send Meaningful Marketing Campaigns

The next Tech Lead generation agency Tip is to make sure your prospect is aware you exist before picking up the phone. Now, I don’t mean simply sending 3 emails and then calling, expecting them to be delighted.


Content should genuinely add value to their lives. We work with enterprise software companies who spend oodles of time, generating meaningful content to draw genuine interest.


What does this content look like in real life? That all comes down to your understanding of your customer and what they need.


Tech Lead generation agency


Tip #4: Capture Interest

So, we have a customer who you know that this will answer their prayers and you’ve now sent them a wonderful marketing campaign. The ideal scenarios is that you’ve done the above 2 perfectly. If you have, Customers will be pounding down your door.

The final Tech Lead generation Agency Tip is to capture interest in a way that feels natural as a next step. Respect prospect’s time by calling to offer a next step that’s really going to fit well with their previous behaviour;

  1. Offer a Demo
  2. Be available to chat 24/7 via web chat
  3. Offer a call-back to answer their questions

All of these in the right context won’t feel pushy, they’ll feel useful. That’s what you’re aiming for here.


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We hope you found this useful! Got any questions on lead generation? Speak to one of our team members 24/7 in the chat button to your right. Also, feel free to follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.