Building a pipeline: Marketing Qualified Leads vs Sales Qualified Leads

Essentially, we’re here to get the conversation with prospects up to a pre-agreed point. The key to making our service a success with your company is communication. The better that we understand your sales team and the customer buying process, the better we can align opportunities that convert well and have a consistent profit margin for you.

We like to be very open and communicative, so we have also tweaked some of the reports to show the pipeline that we are building, in addition to leads that have been generated to the pre-agreed standard.

You will see these on the reports as marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL).


What does MQL and SQL mean?

MQL and SQL are different levels of interest which a prospect has reached, which we feel are useful to make a note of. Whilst they haven’t reached the standard where they are ready to hand over to you, it is useful for us so that we can follow up with them and capture that interest for you.


Sales Qualified Lead for Tech Companies in Bristol


What Is the definition of a marketing qualified lead MQL?

An MQL definition varies depending on a lot of factors. Essentially, an MQL is a lead that the marketing team has deemed more likely to become a customer compared to others. When it comes to the way that we generate you leads, we define an MQL as;

A prospect where we have identified an opportunity greater than 3 months in the future from now.

Examples of this include capturing renewal dates, securing call-backs for contacts who have literally just re-signed, etc.

What is the definition of a sales qualified lead? SQL

An SQL shows a little bit more intent to buy in the near term. Again, the definition of an SQL does vary from industry to industry. What we define an SQL as is

A prospect Where we have identified an opportunity within the next one to three months, But has not yet committed to a sales conversation with the sales team.

As you can see, this one is a bit more warm. What we have here are ones where we have identified a clear opportunity, they just haven’t yet committed to the meeting or the quote. In particular, this works for findings Sales Qualified Lead for Tech Companies in Bristol.


What do we do with MQLs and SQLs?

This depends on the service that you have with us. the telemarketing and LinkedIn team will continue to contact these prospects until they have reached the pre-agreed point.

We proactively manage this pipeline on your behalf. We will continue to contact these customers until we have a conclusion – either a lead or a no thank you.


Where can I see these MQLs and SQLs?

Depending on the service that you have, these are visible to you in different ways.

For telemarketing, these are visible in the MQL and SQL list on HubSpot. Simply click on each individual contact. You can the see an activity feed. This depicts what we have said, contact attempts that have been made, etc.

For LinkedIn, this is visible in the saved leads section. We tag contacts as MQL or SQL so that we can follow up with them later. By clicking on each individual profile, you are able to see the message history.

This is a really useful way that we can build your future pipeline, whilst we find you the opportunities that meet the required standard right now. Let us know if you have any questions let us know if you have any questions.


Looking for Sales Qualified Lead for Tech Companies in Bristol?

Our data driven approach allows us to learn more about how to sell a particular product or service. If you’re looking for more Sales Qualified Lead for Tech Companies in Bristol, we are happy to help. We do this via telemarketing, LinkedIn and Web Chat.

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