How to hire the right salesperson Nov 2022 | Sales Person Recruitment Tips

Watch our Sales Person Recruitment Tips video here. Are you looking to hire a salesperson for the first time? The job needs to be designed around the way customers buy. This chat takes you through the key considerations when hiring a new salesperson:

  1. Customer buying process – What’s worked before?
  2. What happens before they get in touch
  3. Goals and what success looks like
  4. Pre-screening questionnaires 
  5. Test calls 


These are all important stages and our Sales Person Recruitment Tips workshop will help. As a Sales Director, part of your role is about tweaking all of the different dials. This ensure that any results that you receive now are multiplied up as you hire more salespeople. Here’s a few tips which you might find useful in regards to hiring your next salesperson.


Design your sales role around the way that your customers buy

We go through ways to focus in on your customer’s buying process, rather than an idealised sales process. Tap into what’s worked before and then design sales roles around success.


Sales Person Recruitment Tips


There are a lot of factors which affect which sales person is the right one for you

As a 20-seat contact centre, hiring the right salespeople is a very real issue which we’ve faced from the start. The problem is that there’s a lot of moving parts which influence how a specific salesperson will perform in a specific role;

  • Office vs field
  • The data they’re calling – cold vs warm
  • Inbound vs Outbound
  • New Business vs Account Management
  • Industry specific experience
  • Sales Manager Personality


Design your sales person recruitment process with a series of in-built tests

We show you how we build tests into our recruitment process to make sure that we have the perfect match.


Watch our Sales Person Recruitment Tips Video here




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We hope you found these tips useful to ensure that your sales team have consistent results as you scale. To make sure that your new sales person is operating at maximum efficiency, why not keep them entirely lead fed? Our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services will keep your sales team focusing on quoting and closing. We have a few options including telemarketing, LinkedIn and web chat.