Tips for expanding to a National level

Are you planning on expanding to new regions? Are you ready to ‘take things national’? This can sound like a glamorous prospect. This can even sound like an essential thing to do. For instance, growing to a nation level is the thing that a successful company does, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s a few things to consider first.


How does growing to a national level differ from local growth?

First off, where is your team based? Do you operate out of one office currently? Growing to a national level will require a new office or a disbursed workforce. It’s really important to make sure that communication and team culture can expand in the same way that you need.

Our entire team work remotely and we write here on how to create the right culture with a disbursed workforce.


Building good reviews and word of mouth on a national scale

Does your company benefit from local buzz? Do local clients speak act as your advocate? Have you networked furiously over the last few years to create the right connections?

Here are some tips on how to use this positive buzz across the UK:

  • Collect reviews online – First, make these wonderful reviews available for all to see. Collecting reviews on Google, Trustpilot or Yell is a great start
  • Offering referral schemes – Encourage your customers to share the wonderful job that you do with others. Try offering incentives to customers
  • Your great track record – Is there a particular industry or customer base that sees extra value in what you do? Maybe there’s a way that you can expand into other regions by focusing on these segments to start.

Make sure that there’s a good way to capture this interest as well. A good way to do this is via web chat, allowing for B2B Appointment Setting UK wide. Here are some more ways to generate leads from your website.


B2B Appointment Setting UK wide


Managing remote sales people

Expanding into new areas will require managing field sales people. This is a different approach to sales team management so will require changes in how you communicate and set targets. We have a lot of experience in managing a remote sales team and give you some useful tips on how to do this here.

It’s important to notify your sales & marketing team as well to ensure that they can adapt their approach. This will allow you to growth B2B Appointment Setting UK wide, instead of just locally.


Securing growth via B2B Appointment Setting UK wide

A good starting point to expanding your area is highly qualified appointment setting. Our team of experts perform B2B Appointment Setting UK wide. We can provide your field sales people with qualified appointments to help you expand into new regions.

If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

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