Improve your bottom line with these simple LinkedIn Marketing Tips


You will get better results with warm data when reaching out via phone or email. The key to LinkedIn is why you’re speaking to a specific person, at this particular time. This is by far the most important of our LinkedIn Marketing Tips. The ‘tighter’ the reason why you’re messaging them right now, the better your sales results will be.


Don’t automate. Seriously, don’t.

AI and automation is amazing for an absolute ton of things. However, it’s just not there yet for LinkedIn automation. Our LinkedIn Marketing campaigns are completely done by expert people, no automations.

But why bother? Products like or LinkedIn Helper are so cheap, we’d lose money if we didn’t use robots right?

The key to LinkedIn is why you’re speaking to a specific person, at this particular time. A lot of things that the robots do look clunky and out of place. Here’s a common example;

  • You have a HR gizmo that offers 150% more HR-ness for half the price (bad example)
  • You’re searching for HR Directors in the UK to pitch
  • You put HR Directors into Sales Navigator
  • You’ll also notice in that same list are related, but irrelevant contacts e.g. Payroll Director & Recruitment Director. This is the problem, a human knows not to message those contacts, but a robot doesn’t.
  • An automated LinkedIn Marketing tool will message irrelevant contacts

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Bringing back to my earlier point, the key to LinkedIn is why you’re speaking to a specific person, at this particular time. When they get irrelevant messages like this, it looks clunky.


Put lots of thought into why you’re speaking to them

The more you know prior to contacting these people, the better. What does value look like to this person in this job position?

What’s relevant to this company right now? Is there a way that you can find out more about this customer’s situation before you get in touch?

What value looks like to them

Other than sending them a box of chocolates, there’s no one single useful approach that is always valuable. The more you know about their current situation, the better. Here’s a few ideas which has worked really well with our clients;

  • One of your competitors struggling? Research the company’s current suppliers and focus on their customer base (Obvious Tip: Don’t badmouth your competitor)
  • Got glowing reviews in a particular vertical? Use your amazing track record in a specific vertical as a way to start a conversation
  • Just in case you need us? For Decision Makers who make dozens of buying decisions per day/week, sometimes being friendly & on their radar is all it takes

I know the above sounds pretty abstract, but LinkedIn is really about context. Really get to know your target customers and approach based on those reasons.


Have a great reason to follow up with them

Finally, it’s always good to take it off of LinkedIn at some point. If things are looking good, it’s usually worth following up via phone or email. When you do call them, explain your reason to call and respect their time with a convenience check;

  • Hi (Their Name), it’s (Your Name) from (Company)
  • I got in touch with you recently via LinkedIn because (Explain reason in 10 words or less)
  • I was just calling for (Explain reason in less than 5 words), is now a good time?

You’ll notice the word limits, they’re intentional. Brevity is your friend here. Be concise, relevant and friendly.


We hope you found these LinkedIn Marketing Tips useful

We love to share LinkedIn Marketing Tips like these. The main takeaway is “Have a really good reason to connect with them.” Honestly, if you do that, the sales just come.

If you’d like to talk about our combined LinkedIn, Telemarketing and Web Chat approach, we’re always available to speak 24/7 via web chat or pop a form on the contact us page and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.