SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tips


A Software as a Service (SaaS) business model can sound kind of perfect on the face of it. For starters, your gross profit margins can be insanely high. Next, if you establish yourself as an essential tool for your customers, then their retention rates skyrocket. Sounds pretty good right?  Interestingly, SaaS companies face some unique challenges when it comes to Sales & Marketing. Here are some SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tips to help guide your marketing decisions


What challenges do Saas Companies face?


SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tip 1: How do your prospects show interest?

Software isn’t something that you can usually demographically point to an audience and decide ‘they’re our target customer’. You need to focus on the behaviour of your prospect because it all centres around how they’ll use it. Like we cover in IT Lead Generation Tips, you need to pre-qualify your target audience to make the best use of your sales team’s time.


SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tip 2: How do they sign up?

Once you’ve got a lovely content & top-of-funnel campaign out of the way, consider how your customers actually buy. Do they need to speak your sales team? Or do they sign up online?

If your customer signs up online, then you don’t need SaaS Qualified Lead Generation as such. You should focus more on funnel conversion, instead of trying to shoehorn in a salesperson conversation.

That being said, you should make a sales support team available 24/7 to aid anyone who’s got questions.

As a general rule of thumb if your monthly price tag is high, then you should have a person to person sales process and as such require SaaS Qualified Lead Generation.


SaaS Qualified Lead Generation 3: Qualify thoroughly before you offer free trials

Free trials sound like a no-brainer. They sound like the thing which a prospect just can’t say no to.  Whilst your target customer isn’t paying with their credit card yet, they are paying with their attention and time.

Make sure free trials are only offered to those who are truly worth it. Maybe offer a discount instead of an outright free trial?

SaaS Qualified Lead and Leads


Fourth and final tip: Build on what you know to be true

Whilst tech companies are valued using ridiculous multipliers, their economics are as old as time. Customers buy using the same decision-making process that they always have. The point is to focus on tried and tested methods of marketing and sales:

  1. Build on what’s worked before
  2. Focus on how customers buy, not a specific way of selling

Put simply, focus on capturing interest and then ask them to sign up. If they see the value you have, then they will in a very consistent way.


Hope you found these SaaS Qualified Lead Generation Tips useful

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