1000 trees planted by growing our client’s businesses

We’re excited to have planted over 1000 trees by generating leads and sales! Thanks to our partner charities, One Tree Planted and Team Trees, we’ve been able to plant trees across the globe.  Whilst we mainly work in B2B lead generation UK wide, we love to see the impact globally.

one tree planted


Where do we plant the trees?

So where are all these trees planted? We plant a tree for each lead we generate on our Pay-Per-Lead Campaigns. In the last year alone, we’ve planted trees across 5 continents in some great local projects. There are some amazing projects out there like;


Planting trees in Kenya

The forest is only about 5,000 hectares, but a community of almost 200,000 people depend on it for water, wood, and agriculture.

Plant trees in India

India’s forests support the livelihoods of almost 275 million people, who depend on them for food, fuelwood, fodder and other forest products.

Planting trees in Spain

The Quercus program aims to recover part of the lost forests and, hence, their value for biodiversity as well as the goods and services they provide to the society.

It’s great to see how B2B lead generation UK based can have such a positive impact across the world.

Who picks where we plant the trees?

We’ve actually turned it into a bit of a game. Each month, one of our team gets to pick where we plant trees! What’s more we like to ask our clients to pick places that are close to their heart. For example, David Callister of PVC Vendo picked a location for 150 trees to be planted last month

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Why do we plant trees?

We actually did a blog about this a while back. wanted to make our campaigns a win-win for everyone, including the environment. The simplest way that we can do this is by growing clients and then by adding a positive wider impact as we grow our clients companies. We perform B2B lead generation UK wide, but the impact is felt across the world

Why do we plant trees when we generate leads?


Joining in the cause

Feel free to check out One Tree planted to see their excellent work. If you are looking for a B2B lead generation UK based company that likes to make a difference, please have a chat with our colleagues via web chat 24/7 or find out more here