Top tips to generate leads from website


What are the different ways that you can generate leads from your website? You’ve put out social media and content campaigns to get your visitor to your site, now what? Remember, the best way to generate leads from website is to make the next step a natural feeling, value-adding activity.

What does that mean to your sales process? Think about why people would visit your website specifically. What information or next step can you offer them that will be genuinely valuable? Here’s a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.


Contact form leads

A simple example would be to generate leads on the website contact us form. Simple enough, right? Consider the main reason why people use the contact form, they have a question they’d like to ask you.


generate leads from website

What do you think you could do to make this process more value-adding for the customer? Is there a way that you can answer their question sooner whilst capturing key information?


Be there to chat via Web Chat

Another way to generate leads from website by adding value is by being very available. Specifically, have you considered having someone available via webchat to answer your visitor’s questions?


generate leads from website

I’m sure you’d appreciate we’re a bit biased on this, but we are very pro-webchat. Having a well-functioning web chat is like having a shop assistant asking “Can I help with anything?” You’d be surprised how many more leads that you can generate by being available and giving great customer service.


Offer downloadables & Opt-in

Another way that you can generate leads from website in a value-adding way is to offer useful information in exchange for their contact details and consent.

generate leads from website

This is a very simple method of opt-in collection and there are lots of useful tools out there that help you capture opt-ins in a compliant manner. For example, Hubspot has a whole free tool which you can add to your website which allows you to easily capture leads and their opt-in requests. Hubspot integrates with a lot of other programs so it can easily communicate with your other systems.


We can help generate leads from website

If you’d like more help generating leads from your website, we have a few products to suit.

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