Free social media template to help you find leads online


The more traffic that you drive to your website, the more leads that you can capture using 24/7 Web chat. How do you find the right traffic? How do you get your message to the right people at the right time? If you don’t currently have a social media channel you may find this really useful.


How to drive more traffic to your site

We actually talk a lot about the value of good, readable content on our sales blog. Sticky content can help capture the right interest and drive it to your site. Here’s a blog we recently did on how you can do this well

Can I use content to generate chat leads?

What can be confusing is which marketing provides a good ROI for your business. It’s important to keep in mind the specific use of which channel you will be engaging with:

  • Which social media platform allows me to reach our desired customers?
  • At what point will I be joining the conversation? Which subjects do they think and talk about already?
  • What would they consider genuinely valuable and useful?
  • Where are you pointing them and would you like them to ultimately do?


Free social media template

Which social media network is best for you? Should you use the same images on both Instagram and Twitter? It can be tricky to plan content and social media campaigns. The Hubspot social media content calendar allows you to and plan social media campaigns in advance. This means your social marketing is more manageable and effective.

Free Hubspot Social Media Template –


This template helps you to plan your social media activities in advance. A well thought out campaign will:

  • Help you bring a coherent message across all of your branding
  • Engage the right traffic
  • Easily Scale your marketing
  • Boost your productivity with shared resources

Find Leads Online Pay-Per-Lead


We help boost traffic and generate leads

Your sales process isn’t the same as your competitors. We help you find leads online in a way that’s good for you. As your growth partner, we secure qualified leads from your website on a Pay Per Lead basis. We then have a suite of services to you grow your business in a way that is scalable for you;

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