Capture all opt-ins and opt-outs – automate GDPR compliance

These days lot of businesses have their customer data over different platforms. For example, you might have automated marketing systems for prospects and separate invoicing systems for your customers.

With all of these different systems, how do you make sure all of the information is up to date? Sometimes you might have a contact’s details in several places. If there’s a change on one system, how do you make sure the changes are made elsewhere?

Automate GDPR compliance for free

Have you heard of Zapier? We love Zapier. Zapier automates time-consuming tasks between your different systems. We use Zapier a lot for processing opt-ins and opt-outs. For example, if a contact opts in on our client’s website, it will automatically add them to our email marketing systems.

Similarly, if a customer would prefer to not receive emails anymore and opts out, then Zapier will opt them out on our other systems too. All of this is done immediately and automatically. This would be quite a time-consuming task for a person to do, but it only takes 2 seconds for Zapier.

This is excellent news for you because you can be confident that your prospects are being taken care of

Automate GDPR compliance

Zapier’s free plan to automate GDPR compliance

They have a free plan where you can process 100 tasks each month. The free plan is ideal for small businesses. When you kick your marketing up a notch you’ll likely need to upgrade to one of their paid plans to keep up with all the opt-ins and opt-outs. You’ll be pleased to know that these aren’t that expensive.

As I mentioned, we love Zapier and regularly recommend them to others. The main reason is because of how much time you save.

You can get a free account for Zapier and Automate GDPR compliance. Hope you find it useful!