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Did you charm the pants off of your Prospect at your sales meeting? Great! However, B2B sales usually involves many decision makers and you often don’t meet them all. A poorly structured proposal can lose sales for companies because it doesn’t convey the right messages to all of the decision makers.

We use this structure for all of our client’s campaigns as this has helped us generate sales for all of our clients. This document covers:

  • Page 1 Outline of the proposal
  • Page 2 How to meet your Prospect’s ‘Sales Process Needs’
  • Page 4 Proposal template

Outline of the proposal

Scannable brilliance

This is what you’re looking for when you’re sending over the proposal, something that someone can immediately ‘get’ the gist of what you’re saying. We have created the B2B Proposal Template to really showcase what you’re amazing at to help get maximum impact.

B2B Proposal Template


First things first

There are differing schools of thought about how soon to put the price on a proposal. On one hand, you don’t want them to see the price and dismiss it solely on that. On the other, you don’t want so much in front of the price that they just scan through it all and miss all the good stuff.

Below is the order of what we put on our B2B Proposal Template



  • Outline of needs and how we match those needs – This is usually a visually easy-to-get table with ‘what you want’ on one side and ‘how we do it’ the other. The idea is that it’s really quick and easy to immediately see why you’re so amazing


  • Give 2 time-limited pricing options – A quick summary of what we’ll do and then the price. The price itself says ‘if you’re happy to go ahead this month, we can do £XX price, the normal price is £YY’


  • Everything else – Then we put in all the other stuff about your business





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