Using free trials to sell your product

Free trials are an excellent way to help your Prospective customer really get stuck into your product. Using free trials to sell your product helps you to ‘show’ what you can do instead of simply ‘telling’ them Below are a few tips which you’ll find helpful for using free trials to sell

Show them around the place

The worst thing that you can do when using free trials to sell is just to leave your prospect to it. Don’t just throw a free trial a your prospect, how can you:
  1. Use your marketing to make them want a free trial
  2. Work with them to define what they’re looking for out of a free trial
  3. Help them to run their free trial
  4. Proactively help them with expanding their trial into a paid account

Do your best to understand why they want a free trial

Someone asks you for a free trial. Should you simply hand it over to them? Hold your horses, Nelly. When using free trials to sell, inexperienced reps can frequently skip finding out their needs Begin with the end in mind by finding out what Prospects are looking for from your free trial For example, with our 24/7 web chat free trials, we know that it’s important to help companies to be able to really trust our team to represent the their brand well, in addition to getting leads. As such, we talk a lot about how they want us to come across and answering customer queries, in addition to what type of leads they want
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Agree next steps first

Using free trials to sell is just one part of your Prospect’s buying process. If the free trial is successful, what happens next? Find out what the next steps after so that you can make sure that you know how to move them along your sales process Web chat free trial For example, with our web chat free trials, we do all the set up as though the campaign is starting for real. This includes agreeing a price per lead, so that once they’ve received 14 days worth of free leads, we can simply ask if they’re ready to go!

Hold their hand along the way

Proactively help them with using the web chat free trial with pre-agreed milestones and times to catch up. Make sure that you help them to answer all of their questions

Balance your time vs. their interest

It’s not uncommon for Prospects to ask for free trials without any real interest. Make sure that you qualify their interest and what a successful web chat free trial would mean to them. This helps give you context so that you can follow up and ensure that they love your product and are willing to buy

Demonstrations work too

Would a free trial be expensive for you to provide? You can achieve similar results with guided tours, demonstrations or product walkthroughs. The whole idea is that instead of ‘telling’ Prospects how good you are, you can let them experience and see for themselves!

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