Shorten your sales process

Have you ever had a ‘red hot lead’ that for some reason never seems to close? There’s meeting after meeting, each meeting pushing the close date further and further away

Do you find hitting your monthly sales targets an uphill struggle? You don’t need to be a superstar sales person, you can grow your business by simply having great marketing and a great sales process

Below I’ve outline the main ways that you can shorten your sales process & close sales on time



You don’t actually have a sales process

Be honest, do you actually have a sales process? If not, get one. An effective sales process will help you win more business than your competitors

“Having a sales process that will consistently close more sales is the single biggest competitive advantage that you can have” – Owen Wood”

You can shorten your sales process by having a series of stages that move prospects to becoming your customer. Check out our blog on how to close more sales

Selling selfishly instead of actually helping to solve a problem

Given the choice, customers would rather not have to think about changing. Why? Because of their hectic schedule and so many other things to sort out, they find it hard to dedicate the time to sort it out.

This is where you come in. Your job is to help them systematically answer all of the questions that they have about you and your company. Your job is to make it incredibly easy for them to tick all their boxes on:

  • Level of detail
  • Communication method
  • Value for money

You shorten your sales process by helping close more sales. Check out our blog on how to sell un-selfishly and make sure that the customer picks you


Telling them why you’re awesome instead of showing them

How easy do you make it for your customer to see why you’re awesome? Do you rely on your sales team simply telling them verbally?  A lot of products aren’t optimised for selling over the phone as most people are visual thinkers. Shorten your sales process  by letting them see why you’re an amazing company through:

  • An excellent marketing funnel
  • Demonstrations, talks and webinars
  • Lots of great educational content
  • Testimonials, case studies and evidence that’s relevant to their company

We talk a lot more about how you shorten your sales process by showing customers how awesome you are through marketing funnels on our latest webinar, how to 5x your sales


Need advice to shorten your sales process?

To help your shorten your sales process, we can help with a strategy call to explore how you could make this happen in your business

You’ll speak with one of our Campaign Managers to explore how you can help you shorten your sales process. At the end of the call, you’ll walk away with great insights into how you can grow your business!

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