Invisible Selling Machine Book Review by Ryan Deiss


I got recommended this book through a guy I follow on Facebook called Sam Ovens (check him out by the way, he’s insanely rich)

Do you do email marketing? For many, the answer is yes. The main problem they experience is that they’re not sure about a lot of it

  • How many emails do I send?
  • Is it too early to send a sales email?
  • How frequently should I send emails to my list?

Invisible selling machine gives you an incredible system that you can use to create campaigns that convert sales & leads. What’s great about being a business owner is that you’re passionate about what you do. The problem is that sometimes, you’re not sure how to convey that passion in a profitable way. Invisible Selling Machine gives you that little bit of structure that you need to get results


Invisible Selling Machine

Key messages from the book:

Invisible Selling Machine gives you a great structure to work with. It’s about combining valuable information and offers with a tried and tested structure that gets people to act. I think this picture I took explains it

Invisible Selling Machine 

These are the stages it lays out for you. This is a summary so I suggest you get stuck into reading it

Indoctrinate your prospect

However you come to create the opt in, welcome them! Say thank you and tell them about you; tell them who you are, what you stand for, why you’re different, what to expect from you in terms of contact and what they should do next. Start getting micro commitments from them by asking to whitelist you and asking them to connect with you outside of email like on your social media. Most importantly, create curiosity for the next email

Engagement series

This is about converting prospects to customers. What’s the best place to start? Start by talking about the topic they opt in the first place! How did they sign up? Was there a specific topic on a PDF that caused them to sign up to your mailing list?

Separate topics relevant to their interests based on what you know about them. Don’t just have 1 generic email marketing sequence, tailor your email message based on the whitepaper or where they opted in. He goes through an excellent 3 email method of creating action. It’s too much to explain here so buy Invisible Selling Machine and check it out!

Ascension series

“For every offer that you make, there’s always a percentage of your customers who are willing to buy more” – Ryan Deiss, Invisible Selling Machine

Now that you have a customer, create lifetime value for both them and you by offering other products that are of interest. Create a ‘Value Loop’ by always offering other solutions that will be of interest to your customers. Examples of related up-sells could be

  • Software or tools
  • A Done for you service
  • A strategy session
  • Paid for templates
  • Supplements to your product
  • Equipment or tools

Email segmentation

Now that you have repeat customers, how do you stay relevant to them? It’s important to make sure that you’re continually sending them emails that are of interest to them. Use emails to find out other related interests of theirs. Use content emails with lots of different links to create segments of lists based on interests

For example, use the email links to measure clicks so that you can track who’s interested in what topics. If you own a gardening centre and you send a test email with links to topics like

  • How to bring wildlife into your garden (shows that they may be interested in your bird feeders)
  • 3 tips of making a your garden beautiful this Spring (shows that they may be interested in ornaments & flower seeds)
  • From field to plate: How to grow your own veg (shows that they may be interested in gardening tools)

Depending on the who clicks on what link will inform which new Engagement Series you place them in. For example, if someone’s clearly interested in growing their own veg, then you have created a new Engagement Series focused on selling your gardening tools

In Invisible Selling Machine, Ryan makes an excellent point about these segmentation emails. He says that you don’t make money from sending broadcasts. You make money from using broadcasts to figure out interest and them letting the automatic engagement sequences do the hard work for you

Re-engagement series

The final series he talks about is re-engagement. If a Prospect is not engaging with your emails, it’s hardly worth continuing to email them. So this series is about sending an email sequence to find out once and for all if they’d like to continue to hear from you. Do this in a way that reminds them of the value that you can add to their lives and offer a clear reward for getting back involved in the email campaigns


It’s worth the investment

This may sound more complicated than your monthly newsletter, but Invisible Selling Machine talks about how you can turn your email into a consistent form of income for your business. Done correctly, this will grow your business in an incredibly cost effective way

Who would love Invisible Selling Machine:

I found Invisible Selling Machine to be informative to turn all the lovely content that you have to showcase into a consistent income generating system. If you’re looking to engage with your audience in such a way then I suggest you have a read

Check out the book here

I hope you found the Invisible Selling Machine Book Review useful! You can check out the book here