How do you make sure that the Customer picks you?

Hierarchy of customer decision making

I thought I’d share our experience from high to low about what makes sure that the Customer picks you. This is a hierarchy of needs, with each level built on top of the other. The actual meeting that you attend with the customer is Level 2 and Level 1 is when we secure the lead for you. Notice how the remaining 3 levels are about what you do after the meeting that helps secure the trust

Customer picks you

Level 5: Trust – Based on all the information, they are confident that you will perform to the standard they need without their involvement. This is what you’re aiming for and this is build on the below criteria


Level 4: Listening & Communication – This is different to level 3. Level 4 is your proactive involvement in helping them to make the decision. Once you’ve provided the quote, you can follow up to help them answer all of the mini-yes’ that they need to assess your suitability


Level 3: Accountability & Communication – Through your proposal and your explanation of the ways you deliver your product or service, you can give context and start to help them to see how you have the systems in place to handle anything that comes up


Level 2: Price & schedule – This is the initial assessment stage, which takes place when you meet the customer. Here you will view the place, gather information on the quote and establish a personal connection with the customer


Level 1: Issue with current supplier – Without there being an issue in the first place, the customer is unlikely to have the emotional drive to change. This is where we come in and our very set form of qualifying leads to ensure that you’re speaking to the right people


Remember that given the choice customers would rather not have to think about changing. Why? Because of their hectic schedule and so many other things to sort out, they find it hard to dedicate the time to sort it out.


This is where you come in. Your job is to help them systematically answer all of the questions that they have about you and your company. Your job is to make it incredibly easy for them to tick all their boxes on:


  • Level of detail
  • Communication method
  • Value for money

What did you think?

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