Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Book Review


I’ve regularly read self help books since I was 18 and to me, this book represents the beautifully uncomfortable process that you go through when you expand your comfort zone and overcome your fears. If anyone’s been to one of my more self-help related talks, I usually describe the process of expanding your comfort zone as “Both Amazing and Terrible at the same time”

It’s a sweet book peppered with loads of real-life examples of how people have overcome their fears, anxieties and things that held them back. Check out the Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Book Review

feel the fear and do it anyway book review


Key messages from the book:

The book itself has practical insights and is easy to read. When you allow your fear to create walls around you, you limit your freedom to have the awesome impact that you want to have. While it’s got a very universal message, it talks about how to overcome the specific types of fears that can hold you back. I love it because it’s got a forgiving message that helps you move past what’s holding you back

She talks about how convincing our fears can be. What’s great is that at no point does she say that you’re never going to be afraid. You’re always going to be afraid of stuff, but it’s how you can be afraid “and do it anyway!” (hence the title)

It’s a great book to learn how to consistently move past fear. She talks about how uncertainty can make us experience fear. As you know, everybody experiences fear when confronted with a scenario where the outcome is uncertain. I’ll say this now, the fear isn’t going to go away but it will no longer be debilitating.

You’ll either win or you’ll learn

This book reminded me of the importance to remind myself that I can handle whatever comes my way. Life is a No-Lose situation, you’re either going to win or you’re going to learn something. Thanks to this book I’ve learnt to be more forgiving of myself and I would recommend to anyone

Who would love this book:

I read this book at the start of my entrepreneurial journey and it really helped me process uncertainty. This is a great book for any entrepreneur to read!

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