How can I guarantee that my sales team hit target?

A big part of sales is time management. In a nutshell, you want your sales team to be speaking to as many interested people as possible. Why? If you think about it, your sales people are there to make you as much money per hour as possible

Taking on a sales person is risky! In some professions, like engineering or accountancy, you can do tests to assess their competence so that you know how good they’d be before you hire them. Unfortunately, there’s no such test for sales. There’s so much that affects sales that the way you find out if someone’s good is by hiring and giving them a go


I’ve made mistakes before where I’ve hired sales people thinking they’re amazing and it turns out they’re really good nailing job interviews. When it comes to that, PAYE law means that you need to be on it with performance management so that you can prove you dismissed them fairly


Sales team hit target


Your sales person is just 1/3 of what influences results

There are 3 key aspects to sales which impact the results

  1. The sales process – The deals you give, the messages you ask your team to say, your product offering, etc
  2. The marketing that you do – How much interest do you generate for your team to follow up on?
  3. The talents of the sales person – How charming are your sales team?

To me, as a business owner, this is quite empowering. The abilities of a sales person is just 1/3 of the factors that influence results. Put the systems in place to generate the interest so that it’s actually incredibly straightforward to hit target

Sales shouldn’t be this mysterious, secretive, ego-driven profession where someone keeps secrets on how persuasive they are. Great sales & marketing systems can do more than any individual persuasive person can

I’ll give you an example. In Amazon’s logistics division, they have put so many systems in place that they’re able to get the work of 10 x 6-figure employees out of 1 standard wage employee. They get 10 Boffin’s work out of 1 normal member of staff!

Make it easy for your team to hit target

You want to put the marketing in place so that it’s actually incredibly straightforward to sell for you. This means that as business owner, you can get more consistent sales

Anyone who’s done sales before will know that the vast majority of your day is spent talking to people who aren’t interested, who don’t care or who it’s not relevant. As the business owner, that’s not good! The bit that makes your company money isn’t at the prospecting stage, it’s the quoting & closing stage.

Sales team hit target

How can you guarantee that your sales team hit target?

Simple, only involve sales people at the quoting and closing. That way, they’re going to make you maximum money possible because their time is only spent speaking to people who are looking to buy. You’re going to have a small sales team that churns out sales for you!

What do you need to do this? A strong marketing funnel that replaces Prospecting and generating interest. This involves quite a shift in how you do things and you need to have the right marketing funnel in place to make this happen, to replace the ‘finding interested people’ part of the sales person’s job

Here’s my challenge to help your sales team hit target

So my challenge to you is; what would that look like for your business, your sales process? What would it be like for your sales team to only deal with inbound enquiries? How would that help your sales team hit target?


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