Remote: Office Not Required book review


This is a very practical book on how you can scale your business through creating a virtual organisation.  As a start up, building a large business can seem daunting. This book helps show you that thanks to technology, you can now have an incredible culture internationally

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Remote: Office Not Required book review


Key messages from the book:

This book spoke to me in particular because of our UK & world-wide sales team. We love to be open with our clients with how we promote their company, so it’s really important that we know how our sales team are peforming

Thanks to location not being an issue, we can access more talented sales people who can work flexibly to our client’s needs

  • Remote systems – You need the right technology, so make sure you pick the right social chats, file systems, phone systems, CRM systems
  • Communication –  Remote organisations mean that communication is even more important. Give your team a sense of direction of the company by having an open chat at least weekly. Create a winner environment by sharing successes and encourage others to write their successes instead 
  • Healthy mind and body – Make sure that your home working staff are looking after themselves. Teach them ergonomics for home desks. Show them ways to keep healthy, make sure that your staff get out of the house and live a healthy lifestyle 

Who would love this book:

  • If you’re looking to scale your business in a much more flexible way
  • If you’re looking to expand your company into new regions

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