Here’s a bit about finding leads through social media


Advertising through social media is completely different to traditional advertising. It’s not there to tell customers all of the great deals that you have on, your social media profile is there to allow your customers to peek behind the curtain of your business.


Less offers, more honesty


Your company’s social media account isn’t a place that you’d flood with posts that say things like:


“buy now!”, “2-4-1 offers” or “hurry! Only 50 spaces left!”


Your company’s social media account is a place for you to be completely transparent about your company’s mission, what your employees think of your business and how your business works day-to-day.


By letting your customers take a tour through your business via social media, it helps them to really to get to know your business and buy into your cause. It’s this that helps build trust and drive leads through social media


leads through social media

Albert Einstein was great at getting leads through social media


“New business is a natural consequence of helping customers to feel good about your company.” – Albert Einstein


Okay, I’m not 100% sure if he actually said this, but if he did, then Albie has a point. Someone who really believes that you operate a good business will be the first to recommend you when someone is looking for the products you offer.


Is your social media account just one giant sales pitch? That’s not fun for anyone.


When you’re doing your weekly review of social media, the one key question that you should ask your team is:


“Are our customers getting value from what we’re putting out there?”


Are they reading your blogs, liking your pictures, commenting on discussions that you create or recommending you to others by sharing your posts?


If you want to drive leads through social media, then it’s worth putting in the time to help them to feel good about your company.


Don’t just spend 5 minutes on scheduling your posts for the week, take the time make sure that what you’re putting out there really does broadcast what your company is all about.


As you progress week on week, keep track of the figures. You can get some great interaction figures from Facebook and LinkedIn, telling you how many people have engaged with your posts.


3 tips on making your social media page a nice place to be


Tip 1: Make a social media plan. And stick to it.


A social media plan is a really simple thing. It’s essentially a guideline on what topics you’d like to talk about on your social media page. Things that it can include are things like:


  • The main messages about your business that you want to tell the world
  • What general subjects or topics that you’d want to talk about
  • The ways of talking, the manner in which you want to say these things or the kind of themes that you want to say about your business


Think of your social media plan like the skeleton to your social media campaign. The skeleton is there to provide a framework in which your posts can be written. Each week, your social media team gets to fill the skeleton out with really well written, well thought out, funny, interesting stuff.


You can be confident that each week, you are finding leads through social media as you have content that your customers will like.

Tip 2: Quality not quantity.


Keep the focus on the good posts that you are putting out there. Don’t worry if you’re only getting 1 or 2 likes or follows at the start.


Because you’ve put out great stuff about your business, the chances are those 1 or 2 likes or follows are from people who really engage with what you’re saying. This is the goal, to create an online community of people who love what your business is all about.


It’s much better to have 1 or 2 people who really want to hear what you’ve got to say as opposed to 100 ambiguous people who have simply followed you back out of politeness. Posting to such a uninterested group means that your great messages will be lost in the ocean of posts that are already on the internet.


When you have the quality sorted, keep the posts coming in by using a social media scheduling tool. Basically, you set the time and the scheduler will post it at that time for you.


Personally, I quite like Hootsuite, but there are lots of good ones out there for you to choose from.


Tip 3: Write posts that your customers will want to read


Reminding myself of why I’m writing the posts helps to make sure that they’re of good quality. This is where the social media plan really helps in creating posts that say what you want to say.


Don’t write posts and blog posts from the perspective of “how can I get a customer to sign up?”

Instead, write blog posts from the perspective of “how can I make what I am saying in this post really useful to the customer?”


It’s this kind of perspective that helps drive customer interest and helps you to find leads through social media


Remember, the goal with social media is to let customers peek behind the curtain of your business. From this perspective, write about things that your customers can really get behind with you and join in the fun.