What’s going on in your customer’s life right now? Get more customer insight


The key to sales is context. You need more customer insight. There’s so much information that is available about your customer. When talking to your prospect, this customer insight helps you to offer something that they really want


By not taking advantage of this great customer insight, it’s like giving your sales team a blindfold. By not arming arming your sales team with this information, you’re choosing not to know more about your customer, and that sounds a bit mad to me.


By investing some time and energy into this kind of technology, you help give your sales team more insight into your customers. This in turn, helps them to convert sales which means more income for your company.


2 free tools to give you more customer insight


There are so many tools out there that can help give you more customer insight. Here are just 2 of them which you can use right now:



A totally free customer chat function for your website, so it pops up with a little screen where you can write ‘anything I can help with?’ The really cool thing about this for me is the information that it tells you about people when they’re on your website:


  • Returning visitor? It tracks IP addresses to it shows if people revisit your website
  • Where are they? IP addresses show general location of the visitors
  • Where have they been? Their journey throughout the website: what pages they visited and for how long


Having your sales team manning the website chat gives them great context of what stage the customer is at. This snippet of info helps to shape the initial conversation and getting customers talking.



A CRM system is more about simply writing down notes. CRM systems are so powerful because of the customer insight it gives. You know what’s even better? A lot of them are low cost or even free, like HubSpot.


Here are just some of the things that you can do to give your sales team some more customer insight:


  • Find high budget customers – Make ‘tags’ or categories to highlight particular things that are important to the sale e.g. high budget, declared desire to buy, looking at competitors, poor service with existing supplier, etc
  • Find the hot leads – Use customer stages and other categories to highlight where prospects are in their sales process, so your sales team can focus on the ‘hotter’ leads and the ones that are looking to buy sooner
  • Did they read your brochure? You can attach your company email so that you can send emails through the CRM system. With HubSpot, it then shows you great reports like whether they opened the email, if they clicked on any attachments and how long they looked at the attachments for. This is great if you send over brochures or pricing, your sales team will know what’s been looked at and have a clue to what extent it was discussed.


A CRM system is only as effective as how much you use it. Used to it’s full potential, it can really help give your sales team great insight that will help boost conversions.


There are so many tools out there to help give you a bit more customer insight. If you’re going to do one thing for your sales team this week, might I suggest spending time helping to give them a bit more context of your customer.